Xmas Wishlist

KICKASSS & STUFFF s’associent pour vous présenter notre sélection Noël 2013. Il y en a pour tous les goûts mais surtout pour ceux qui en ont… du goût.

Commandez avant vendredi soir, ainsi, vous serez normalement livrés le mardi 24 au plus tard.

Fabienne et moi sommes prêts à prendre en charge vos commandes et à vous accueillir tous les jours aux shops de Biarritz. Vos proches ne le regretteront pas!


2 comments on “Xmas Wishlist

  1. I have read through your site and I have done alot of rercaseh and it much of it ties in with biblical prophecies that were written 2000 years ago warning of the times we are in. I know what you write about is truth and I can totally see the media holding people and mesmerising them. I used to work in a youth project and when some of these music videos were on, especially young boys would be transfixed and not move from the screen. I would turn the TV off and they would almost wake up. Scary when you think how much we allow the media to destroy any values and what is right is being turned upside down and we all sit back and call people paranoid or dumb for pointing it out.Keep doing what you are. possibly when the anti christ comes and people have had to accept a chip in either their head or right hand they may come back to sites like this if they are allowed to remain and they might wake up then

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