August, a month that will be remembered

August is gone, it’s time for a debriefing.

It has been the month that has beaten all the records. The biggest month in KICKASSS history, with the equivalent of 800 t-shirts sold, the biggest day as well (8th of august). The Biarritz shop has been opened 7 days a week and has been full exept when I was surfing, playing golf or football, sleeping, eating…For all that think that I don’t have a “real job” I must say that it is a bit of work.

Everything in the shop worked well in august, specialy the Fuck Surf Play Golf but is it really a surprise? The new girl Legz worked great as well. Books and design stuffs were a success too.

Internet sales were good as well but not as good as july were.

Now, it is time to think about winter, and it will be sure less exciting…But september is here and there’re still some coups to do. I’ve launched the first winter products and guess what? They are Fuck Surf Play Golf ! Hoodies, Hoodies dresses, sweatshirts, schoolboy vests, you’ll love them. I will also order some new design stuffs and books.

To finish, let me thanks all of you for being part of this historical month? You, web and/or shop visitors. And of course my parents for running the shop one week end.

4 comments on “August, a month that will be remembered

  1. les produits sont pas limités à 50 exemplaires ??? Parce que le FSPG ca fait un moment que ca dure. Où est l’esprit de la marque ?

    Non je déconne ! a+

  2. Ah ca fait plaisir à lire!Kickass qui cartonne!Bah c’est bien mérité!BRAVO DAMIEN.


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