3 comments on “The Wedge too big for you!

  1. j’ai cru longtemps que le type en SUP n’en prendrais pas, mais il en prend quand même une belle, une deuxième dans la face et une board dans les dents en prime…Respect!!

  2. I haven’t seen your comment show up here yet, so I’m coiynpg it for context: Author: fishonComment:EVERYONE and every organization has a book of conditions, written or assumed. David’s site we are on has them. And what is unconditional love really?What is the definition of it?Can someone have unconditional love and still discipline?Does the word NO have any place with unconditional love? In my mind, unconditional love is love without conditions. In other words, I endeavor to love with you without any strings attached to the love itself. Is discipline a part of love for me, it is. Those whom the Lord loves, He disciplines and I think we can and should model that for healthy love to exist. And you’re right, every organization has expectations, it’s just the things that are hidden or the culture that keeps certain people out so those conditions aren’t revealed ’til the wrong people show up and find out what the conditions are. At other times, those expectations aren’t hidden, but people do not thoroughly read, if they read at all, the book of discipline, by-laws, etc. That’s boring stuff (so many people feel) and most people don’t avail themselves of it. I believe in educating people and made sure at the last church I was at that attendees at new members class received a copy and anyone else that expressed an interest in it. At times, I even found myself having to educate longtime members on what we supposedly believed and helped them learn how to flesh out the articles of faith as a previous pastor had narrowly defined things and most people were still following his way as though it was the way.

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