No comment

Pour ceux d’entre vous qui n’ont pas encore trouvé comment mettre des commentaires aux billets du blog, ça se trouve en bas de chaque billet il y a un petit lien “no comment” ou “2 comments” et il faut cliquer dessus tout simplement. Je suis d’accord, ça saute pas aux yeux mais je vais essayer […]

Some explanations

Hi there, as you’ve noticed, the web side of KICKASSS has changed. A real online shop and a seperated blog are my new tools to promote KICKASSS on the web. I really want to say to people that have doubts, we are not going to let the brand’s spirit goes with this evolution. As I […]


Don’t worry you’re at the right place. Welcome on KICKASSS.COM 4.0. Feel free to navigate and to discover the new website, but be quite, I’ll be back on monday to explain you all.