KICKASSS: votre guide du street golf sur Biarritz?

C’est en tout cas ce que semble suggérer des ami(e)s Street Golfeurs Lyonnais. Au hasard de mes visites sur le web c’est en tout cas ce que j’ai trouvé dans google: (petit texte en bas à gauche). Merci à eux en tout cas. A ce sujet, les ami(e)s si nous voulons faire toujours référence […]

One mistake after another

Last week my external hard drive fell down for the 42nd time. But this time impossible to wake it up from its coma. Of course I had everything about KICKASSS in it and no copy. This week wrong operation on the server and a huge breakdown. Everything’s back to normal today but I’ve lost all […]

Server K.O

Maybe you’ve noticed, this week end the server was down, nothing really dramatic and thanks to Spiky “master” Den for solving the pb. The whole KICKASSS company apologyse for the unconvenience…

It’s on !

Hey ladies! I’m still under the shock, my shop’s web access is back on tracks and my life’s brightness is back with it. I’m back and it’s gona be wild…a plus.