3D t-shirts numbered

Today is a special day for me, the first entirely numbered KICKASSS t-shirts are out. 90 only, 30 for the ladies in black, and 30 for the men in purple and 30 in black. On every t-shirt, you have a tag, on one face you’ve got the usual brand stuffs and on the other side you can check the t-shirt number you’ve been given. Simple!

There is though a “dark side”. I add to change the prices…The t-shirts will be now 28 euros instead of 25 and the polos will be 38 instead of 35 euros. I had to take this decision in order to keep an ongoing quality and to keep on doing details that make the difference. I hope you won’t be over shoked by this decision. If you want to comment it, please don’t be afraid to do so on my email: damien@kickasss.com or in the comments below. News products available here.

One thought on “3D t-shirts numbered

  1. Ben une fois de plus j’accroche bien plus sur le produit fini que sur le visu présenté. well done man

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