Resolution n°1: each and every t-shirts will be numbered

As I promised, all the upcoming t-shirts will be individually numbered. I’ve chosen the “3D” design to be the first t-shirt serie to be numbered. I had to think about it to find something to do it in the right way. The production is in progress I’ll give you some more details soon


3 comments on “Resolution n°1: each and every t-shirts will be numbered

  1. les bricks en blanc ne ressortent pas sur mon navigateur (google chrome), et du coup le visuel est un IKSS. Tu pourrais avoir des problèmes….

  2. Hmm peut être aussi un pb de réglage d’écran, mais bon (passez du coagulant et de la soie) quoiqu’il en soit j’ai mis un fond foncé au cas où.

  3. I am able to discover that you’re setting the several projects directly into your site. Keep placing acknowledge that there are operate. Various genuinely helpful tips in that room. Bookmarked as their favorite. Wonderful to observe your blog. Thanks a lot!

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