I have to say to my family and friends that I’m sick again.

Foooootball Manager 2011!!!!

My friend Sylv and I are back in business again, after 6 months of painful break. A few people really understand the addictive aspect of the game because playing FM 2011 basicaly looks like this:

Thousands of pages with figures, statistics and player pictures. And 95% of the playing time is on those pages. And this is what it’s all about. How many times have we wondered about a 17 in agressivity, how many games have lost because we haven’t pressed the “take more risk” button soon enough, how many players have we fired because the guy’s face wasn’t good enough when taking a new club, how many tactics have we created being sure that it was THE ONE before giving it up after a few games etc.?

I have the strange feeling that I wrote the same post a year ago when FM2010 came out. See how sick I am…

…just 2h18minutes before my next fix.

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