Some explanations

Hi there,

as you’ve noticed, the web side of KICKASSS has changed. A real online shop and a seperated blog are my new tools to promote KICKASSS on the web. I really want to say to people that have doubts, we are not going to let the brand’s spirit goes with this evolution.

As I said to the beta-testers who helped me on this one (big up to them) I wanted to have something that will look like the new Biarritz’s shop. A simple and well designed place where anybody can come to say hi and have a chat on a corner of a couch. But in the mean time, a place where the neighbor grandma or the x customer that wants the new Fuck Surf Play Golf t-shirt can have it with the same simplicity, efficiency and implication from me.

Now, you know a little bit more why, today, you have to get used of a new KICKASSS website, but a least I hope you find it better and anyway I’d be glad to discuss about it with you.

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