Mustadrilles – Espastaches – Xandales – Etxpamoustaches

Bref, vous les appelez comme vous voulez mais sachez que les nouvelles espadrilles KICKASSS devraient être montées avec le tissu ci-dessous. J’aurai peut être un prototype à vous montrer dans la semaine…

2 comments on “Mustadrilles – Espastaches – Xandales – Etxpamoustaches

  1. Nice post. I certainly think the no socks look is a wnenir in most fashion styles/circles. Not sure it’d work with a three-piece suit but maybe I need to see it to be convinced?

  2. Great post George. I am also starting to rant and rave about this issue. Like you I have made expensive mistakes, and written them off to experience. However, why should we keep quiet about this? Thousands of other people will make the same expensive mistakes, and the dishonest marketeers laugh all the way to the bank.JohnHi John, It sure turns into a vicious cycle. It’s up to the ethical marketers to take a stand & change things for the better. Best regards, George

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