KICKASSS “printing” FIGHT 1

For the first time in history, you decide which t-shirt will be the next KICKASSS t-shirt. This “printing” fight is the first one in a long serie. Because I wanted the vote to be only about the design I’ve proposed them in the same color and on the same sample t-shirt. Thus they won’t be necessarly out this way. Votes will be closed next wednesay night and the winner design will be launched in production just after on at least a woman and a man t-shirt.


4 comments on “KICKASSS “printing” FIGHT 1

  1. Le modèle qui se fera mettre KO aura t-il le droit de revenir sur le ring pour un autre combat?


  2. Tout à fait, j’ai oublié de le signaler. Le visuel qui ne sera pas choisi pourra très bien se représenter :)

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