Blue & Orange

I was in Paris this weekend for the league cup final. It was MHSC & me first time at the Stade de France. All along the friday, day before the game, it was all blue and orange in Paris. It was like the whole fashion world has decided to help and support my team. All the fashion shops had blue and orange items everywhere, even the bikes in the streets were wearing our colours. I also took my old scarf from the 90′s for the trip. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Defeat 1/0. We’ll be back!

3 comments on “Blue & Orange

  1. Je crois que tu devrais plutôt soutenir le Hand ball à Montpellier, ils déchirent eux au moins!!!!!!!

  2. C’est toujours plus facile de soutenir une équipe qui gagne…Bleu & orange forever !

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