Bilan Mars 2011

A weird month, not many things to be happy about despite a rise of 7% of the global incomes and a good month for online sales. It’s globally ok but I have the strange feeling that I could have done much better, specially at the Biarritz Shop. Some of this month’s days were really quite. Too quite. On the other hand the sales of the online shop are really good, representing 48% of the global turnover. Orders from Finland, Belgium, Germany, San Francisco and all over France that really made my days sometimes.

April is ahead, and with it, the begining of serious things.

One thought on “Bilan Mars 2011

  1. Un bon reporting comme je les aime!!
    En avril, tu devrais avoir l’effet callot island slalom du 2 avril qui était en juin en 2010.
    Cela devrait booster ton chiffre!

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