Results June 2011

Last year, at the same time I thought I’ve done a great job. Well think again! This year the results have grown of 47%! I don’t really know what to think then. 2 choices, I’ve done a super job this year or last year was just average at the end. Well, I like to believe in the first option.

Like I said, a rise of almost 50% of the global sales but not only. The online sales have been multiplied by 3. Once again it’s hard for me to explain such good figures but I still have a few hints. First, I guess that my choices in design are better. Design such as Octopustach’ or Circus have done well. Even if they are quite different they manage to struggle with the Fuck Surf Play Golf, which is aleady quite a lot! In addition I think that my general management of the brand and the shop is getting better.

In this context  I can dream of a successfull summer and I’m sure that new designs Barber Club & Zombie will help me to have good future results…

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