Bilan Février 2011 + Bilan 2010 en bonus

It’s been a while since I haven’t talked about figures and pourcentages. I even forgot to tell you about the results of 2010.

Regarding 2010. To do short, the turnover has increased of 12% compared to 2009. Online sales representing 14% of the global sales. I’m really happy for 2010, though I’d like to increase the gloabl online sales. It’s important to mention that July, August and september represent 65% of the annual turnover!

Regarding the begining of 2011. No figures for january since 2008. I do a little less in 2011 than in 2008 but in my mind it’s not that significant as the context and shop were different. In January 2011, online sales represent 29% of the global month sales and have risen by 46% compared to 2010.

February 2011, has been good. Good is relative because february is still the worst month in terms of turnover. Compared to 2010 the sales have jumped up of 48%, which makes it the best February in KICKASSS history. Online sales have been disapointed though, explained by no new product this month. Reprensenting 20% of the month sales but being 42% less good than 2010.

You wanted figures, you’ve been given figures!

2 comments on “Bilan Février 2011 + Bilan 2010 en bonus

  1. Merci!
    Un bon reporting que j’apprécie en tant que contrôleur de gestion!
    On veut des chiffres mais il faut des graphes aussi pour faire parler ses chiffres.

  2. En tant que banquier je m’intéresse aussi à la rentabilité, d’exploitation notamment. Car un CA en augmentation c’est bien, mais une amélioration de la rentabilité, c’est mieux!

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